2023 2nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Information Processing (AIIIP 2023)
About AIIIP 2023

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The conference is now online at Zhejiang Association of Automation Public:https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/qGKT3lPsiAFgCIWVSi7nVA

2023 2nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Information Processing (AIIIP 2023) will be held at Hangzhou, China on November 24-26, 2023.  

Advances in artificial intelligence have provided new solutions to information processing and boosted the development of intelligent information processing (IIP) applications. Intelligent information processing is a frontier and a hot topic that enjoys a promising future in the domain of signal and information technologies. Based on the theory of artificial intelligence, IIP technology deals with smart processing, communication and control of texts, images and audios. This conference is organized to strengthen exchange of ideas among scholars in the field of IIP, reveal challenges and latest progress in related research, build a bridge to connect researchers and enterprises in this field, and promote industry-university-research cooperation.

We warmly welcome experts and scholars in related fields to submit their new research or technical contributions to AIIIP 2023, and share valuable experiences with scientists and scholars from all over the world.

We look forward to seeing you!

On behalf of the Organizing Committee


If you are interested in submitting a presentation proposal to AIIIP, you may choose to attend the conference as a Presenter. It's the best opportunity to transform your novel ideas and best practices to the world's audience. Please submit an abstract of the presentation before registration. For further information, please contact us at: contact_aiiip@163.com

Please be aware that only full paper will be published in the digital conference proceedings.


You are warmly welcomed to attend without presentation by registering as a Listener. Email us at contact_aiiip@163.com for any inquires or further information. 

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Your joining is important to expand our motivated team of committee. We are looking for experienced researchers, professors, and industry experts in the research areas of Computer, Remote Sensing and Aerospace to join the Technical Committee as reviewers. If you are interested in joining us, please kindly send your latest CV to us at contact_aiiip@163.com. Your request will be processed in 3-5 working days.

Call for Paper

Natural Language Processing

Automatic Theorem Proving

Automatic Programming

Intelligent Robot

Machine Learning 

Machine Translation

Human-Computer Interaction

Intelligent Information Systems

Intelligent Manufacturing

Adaptive Control

Wireless Network


Network control 

Big Data Analysis

Machine Perception and Virtual Reality

Biometric Identification

Bioinformatics and Artificial Life

Artificial intelligence tools and applications

AI Algorithms

Fuzzy Theory

Fuzzy Logic Control

Artificial Neural Networks

Evolutionary Calculation

Genetic Algorithms

Simulated Annealing Algorithms

Immune Algorithms

Computer Vision

Pattern recognition

Data Fusion

Data Visualization

Data Mining

Rough Set Theory

Clustering Method

Image Processing

Automatic Speech Recognition

Expert Systems 

Fractal Information Processing

Application of Intelligent Information Processing


Submission System

Submit the paper through the online submission system.

Please be aware that only full paper will be published in the digital conference proceedings.

Paper Template

It's necessary for all the submitted papers to adhere to the conference written paper format. For the detail format information, please download here:

Full Paper Template 

For further information or assistance, please contact the Conference Secretary at contact_aiiip@163.com










Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang Province and the local political, economic and cultural center. As the southern terminus of the Grand Canal, the city is located on the lower reaches of the Qiantang River in southeast China, a superior position in the Yangtze Delta and only 112 mi (180 km) from Shanghai.

The subtropical monsoon climate contributes to varied seasonal sceneries, making Hangzhou one of China's most popular travel destinations all the year round.

The West Lake is undoubtedly the most renowned landmark, noted for the scenic beauty that blends naturally with many famous historical and cultural sites. The "Ten West Lake Prospects" selected from the most frequently visited attractions around the lake give travelers a panoramic view of the city’s highlights. Take a stroll along the causeway by the lake; you’ll feel the peaceful ethos of the city and better understand its time-honored fame as 'Heaven on Earth'.